mowing the lawn, Gracie, Dillon and Abby

we usually use a lawn service, but have recently decided to start mowing our own lawn, so this is the first time that Gracie has seen a lawn mower. (gracie is our adopted westie mix 3 year old). Gracie was abandoned and has some interesting "quirks". she doesn't like thunder storms, freaks when we turn on the blender, use the salad shooter, vaccum, chain saw or the leaf blower. so i thought she would be freaked out about the lawn mower - but, oh my god, she just loved it! she followed jeff around the yard the whole time he was mowing. she was prancing and acting like it was the greatest time ever. i told jeff, i think she thought she was on a "walk" with you. she just adores Jeff (go figure since i was the one who raised her as a puppy...) she was absolutley entralled with the whole lawn mowing experience.
the second picture is of dillon and his girlfriend, Abby, who were hanging outside on the trampoline while the lawn was getting done.