my babies are leaving the nest

as i was getting Tucker ready for school today, i looked out his window and saw momma robin and a baby. she took off and the baby was hopping up and down the rungs on a ladder in the yard. fledgling day! so soon? weren't they just born? so i snuck out with my camera (ditching tucker!) and took some shots. i couldn't believe i was sitting right there when the mom flew in and brought some breakfast to the baby. such a great way to start the day! tomorrow i will show you a picture of the new babies we are watching! the fun never ends around here. also, this is a cool moth i found on my porch. i think it is hot and needed to rest (it's only 98 here today!). so i soaked a paper towel in sugar water and put it in front of it and it started drinking away.
update: actually, i found out this is a moth. we thought it was a pregnant butterfly, but since it's a moth, i am thinking that maybe that the body is usually chubby like that. we tried to let it go last night, but it didn't leave. i think it likes it here.