new necklace going on etsy

today was the first chance i've had to be in my studio in a few days. with tuck not feeling well and then last weekend while i was out, a book shelf i had hung completely ripped out of the wall and fell on the floor bringing with it books, nicknacks and a glass jar full of scrabble tiles. jeff said the noise was so disturblingly loud - he only knew it meant bad news. apparently there was too much weight on the shelf and not enough support. (ya think?) so until i was able to get the shelf back up and clean up the mess, i didn't want to be working in that chaos! well, that turned out to be a project unto itself. i had to install wall molly's to support the shelf, but the shelf i was using wasn't catching onto the molly's. so off to Home Depot i went to investigate my options. i came home with 2 smaller shelves, some brackets and some wall augers. (gee, i wish my dad was here to do this project!). after a lot of cuss words and sweat (we are in a heat wave, remember? and the upstairs in this old house dosen't cool down too well), i finally mangaged to get the shelves up and clean up the floor. Whew! i am glad to have that over. thank god Dillon was around to help me mark and then hold up the shelves while drilling. So since we have some help tonight watching Tucker, i decided to create a little. I too, am not feeling all that well (i think it's allergies, but they sure make me feel crappy), so the first few attempts at making this necklace had some issues (you'd think i'd learn by now not to work when i am tired, sick or in any other mood besides "perfect"!) but after some tweaking, i got what i wanted. i'll be listing in my etsy shoppe later. dillon's girlfriend, Abby, modeled it for me in my pictures.

So yesterday i had to take my car in to see why the AC wasn't working (not good in this heat wave). while i was there, i gave them a list of some other issues with the car, so i knew that meant the car would be there for awhile. since tuck was home, jeff had to watch him, so i left early (8:00am) and dropped off the car. i didn't feel like sitting in the dealership for 5 hours watching soap operas (ick), so i decided to walk around. i walked over to Lowe's and bought a suet holder and 2 suet cakes, a mini fan for my table in my studio and some antiquing glaze. then i walked over to Borders and bought a cute little ipod holder, which i will use for my smaller camera. i grabbed all the new somerset magazines (the ones that cost $14.99 each!) and went to read them. i was feeling cheap and didn't want to pay for them, so i took notes as i read along. My friend, Diana Frey, had an article in Belle Amoire Jewelry, so that was fun to read. i'm going to make one of her projects, but think i might have to get the magazine to remember how to start it! (unless someone wants to send me a copy of the article..... hint hint). while sitting there reading i had a horrible allergy attack with sneezing and uncontrollable coughing. i felt horrible for the lady next to me, she probably thought i was sick and contagious! i actually can not stand it when i am out and hear someone coughing over and over again - it bugs the crap out of me, so i was feeling pretty bad that i was one of those "public hackers"! i made sure she knew that i wasn't sick, that it was just allergies. after a few tic tacs, water and blowing my nose, i got myself under control. then i decided i would start walking back towards the dealership. it got really hot on the way back, so i stopped in this little park i found and read my book in a shady spot. then i started walking again and found a really cool nest on the ground.

my car still wasn't ready, so i decided to go have some lunch. doing so meant having to cross over Route 36, a hazardous feat at best; but i managed to do it with out getting killed! first i hit the bank, then TJMaxx, then onto a Chinese buffet. then i had to cross route 36 again, much easier this time for some reason and got back to the dealership right as they were finishing up. how's that for timing? i almost didn't want the car to be finished. i really enjoyed my uninterrupted time alone, the quiet, the walking, the sunshine.

tomorrow my friend, Mary Ellen and i are going to the flea market and then i have to get home and wait for the hot tub guy to show up. YES, we are still waiting for the hot tub to get fixed! cross your fingers that 1) he shows up and 2) this fixes the problem!