Sprucing up a section on the back deck

When i was growing up, my mom was given an old telephone pole that was taken off a ranch in California. the pole had holes all over it from where the woodpeckers had been pecking at it. thus it was called "the pecker pole". we carted that thing around on every move and it was always in some corner of the house with plants hanging on it, or my mom might put our stockings on it. i always loved that pecker pole and have even requested it in my mom's will. so needless to say, i've always wanted one. my neighbor's down the street have a smaller pole (not in use) that is on the side of their yard, but still standing. for years i've told jeff i wanted to go over there and cut it down! so while we were in Pennsylvania we found several poles that had been dumped. So jeff being the enthusiast that he is in my electic desires, ran out in the middle of a downpour and brought it back into our hotel room! So now what in the world am i going to do with an old telephone pole you asked? well, put it on my back deck, of course! it has already been installed and "merchandised" with a sea ball and me winding wisteria around it to grow on. it fits right in and looks like it's been there always. we also picked up a new fountain from Home Depot to add into the same little niche. finally we planted some flowers in the firepit part of our patio table. we don't really use the firepit and i have a chimenarra, so it just seemed like a great idea!