Tri-city art tour, Asbury Park NJ

the Boss, window display, Asbury Park

Graffitti art on a mural - love this!

Belly dancer, Verona

art made from trash

we could all use a little more of this

street art performance

interesting, funky girl on the street

Last night i went out with Mary Ellen, who i met at the bagel store and then she ended up buying a pendant that she noticed me wearing in the store. this is the first year for this art festival and i was very excited to find culture in this area! being a shore town, i haven't found much of interest around here for me. this was totally my scene and i loved all the interesting people all enjoying all the other interesting people! we had a nice dinner at a Japanese restaurant. i had some yummy sushi, Mexican roll, which was California roll with guacamole on it - DELICIOUS! Later we had drinks at a cute little bar/restaurant called "Market in the middle" which had these awesome tables that Mary Ellen's friend, Molly designed. a very fun evening.