we had to go pick up tuck from school today. he was out of sorts, which generally means, he's working on something. let's all cross our fingers that it amounts to nothing as i don't think i have the energy to deal with another cold! (send me good health thoughts for him!) i also want to send get well thoughts to my dad who had to have a torn rotator repaired and they found another tear in his bicep ( i believe) so he was in a lot of pain a few days ago and doesn't tolerate pain meds well. i just sent out his father's day gift so he can get it early.

i'm dying to check on the little robin babies, but i'll wait a few more days. today is a little chilly. we've had lots of rain the last few days (oh joy!) and today is overcast - but the sun looks like it is trying to peek out. my mom just rescued a baby robin that she found in her yard. she'll be dropping it off to a lady who rehabiliates birds in a few days.

here's some more necklaces that i 've been working for my new line of jewelry.

and here's a little pendant i made for a friend's birthday (a little belated) -