born on the 4th of July

i got a little behind on my posting with the holiday and all and then my little kitty, Lilly wasn't feeling well. she ate something outside that left her feeling poorly for a few days. she's all better now though. also, Pepper (one of the westies) has been limping sporadically, but i can't see to find anything in the paw. then she'll stop and then i'll see her doing it again. and then finally, miss gracie (the other younger westie) was absolutely besides herself with the fireworks. she is afraid during thunderstorms, gets freaked when the power goes out, freaks if a smoke alarm goes off or beeps with a low battery, etc. so needless to say, she was frantic on the 4th of July. shaking, quivering, panting, pacing. she was a nervous wreck. i brought her up to my room and turned on the AC, fan and any other white noise i could think of to drown out the fireworks. and to top it off, i ate something bad last night too, so i'm not feeling all to great today either!

anywho, when i checked on miss robin's nest on the 4th, lookie what i found?

i finished up some "cworky" dolls for my mom. she asked if i could make some for her to give out as little gifts when she hostesses a get together for her friends in september.

Also, here is a journal page i did for a colloboration for someone who isn't feeling well. it is a surprise, so i won't mention any names and i don't think she reads my blog, so now worries there on her getting suspcious...