flea market find

this morning i went to the flea market in search of a good old pair of metal shears. i'm trying to cut spoons for jewerly and that is what my friend, Cindy, recommended. i did find a nice pair which i hope will do the job. i left a comment on Cindy's blog the other day telling her i even had a dream about her and spoons. in the dream i kept showing Cindy all my spoons saying "and you can cut this with metal shears" and on and on through the spoons i went! dreams are so funny. anyway, i kept walking around looking at junk. i came across a bin of dolls and some were wearing great old clothes, so i bought them to salvage the clothes. then i found a pink checkered doll and i thought, "hey, i know you"! her name is Molly and she is my neices most favorite and oldest dolly. Erika has had a Molly ever since i can remember and Molly goes with her every where. another time while i was thrifting, i found another Molly- so i bought her and she became "backup Molly", now known as Molly #2. So now i own my own Molly! i emailed a picture of my Molly this morning to my neice. then her and my mom got creative and took this darling picture with erika, her molly and my molly on the computer screen. (confused?) it's all good.