sunday night

today i wasn't feel too well after eating something last night that made me sick. so i've been resting today and reading a book. well, early this afternoon, both my hands started hurting from holding the book up as i lay in bed. i have really bad tendonitis in each arm & hand and i guess the position aggravated it. it hasn't bothered me in such a long time that i forgot how painful it was. so i broke out my splints and wrapped each hand. later i decided i would go sit in the hot tub and let the heat relax the muscles and then i would stretch my hands. it was nice and relaxing out there by myself at dusk. a wren couple were flitting about chirping and chattering. as i was putting the hot tub lid back on i glanced over to the side and found this little gem.

now since it's kind of hard to type with my hands splinted, i'm gonna sign off.