well, we had our show yesterday. it was held in Long Beach Island, about an hour from here. i've only been there once, but it is really cute down there. i'd like to check it out again when i have the time. the show, unfortunately, wasn't all that great. it was quite small and i didn't feel like there were alot of people there ( sign of the economy, lack of advertising, ?) the vibe was off to me, even with the other vendors. not much of a friendly atmosphere as opposed to other shows i've done (except for a sweet girl, Natalie). kind of an older crowd and although everyone thought my stuff was lovely and beautiful, not many purchases were made. it seemed like i sold mostly jewelry,which is good. it makes me think i should stop doing mixed media things altogether and just make jewerly. jewerly is definitely lighter and easier to set up as a vendor and you don't need as much space. i find the whole art festival circuit frustrating because they are so much work and often times, in the end, the work doesn't match the profit. if i was having to rely on this as my income, i'd definitely be starving! my husband says it's all about the experience, but after 4 years of this, i think i am experienced enough! the other thing about the show was that it was extremely windy! another factor to consider about these venues that are held outside is the weather conditions. the wind got so bad that people using tents had to hold onto them. things were blowing over, etc. my stuff was okay and maybe because i had a wall behind me. but it finally got so bad, we packed up about an 1 1/2 early. the ride home (on the parkway) was horrible due to all the bennies going home. A "bennie" is basically a tourist and is someone who drives to the beach every weekend. i don't know how they stand it because it was bumper to bumper (maybe getting up to 20mph once in awhile). they have to endure the traffic coming down this way on friday and then do it again to go home on sundays. no thank you~! we had taken two cars, so i called my husband and told him i was getting off the parkway, finding a bathroom, eating and going home another route. i was so exhausted when i got home, i was in bed by 7:30! and i am still exhausted this morning.