Good Morning

Well i've been up early tending to Tuck, doing some watering outside, catching up on emails. speaking of emails, i got an etsy convo this morning from this woman who has been asking me to make something for her. after agreeing on a price (which she was getting too good of a price for the steps i have to go through to create this item), i told her i would either set up a specialized listing for her or i could send her a paypal invoice. so she convo'd me this morning, saying, "sorry, she wouldn't be paying first" and that she hoped i understood. umm no, i don't. things are prepaid on etsy, that's how it goes. that is what my 100% feedback is for; to read my feedback and see that i can be counted on to send out the merchandise, etc. i've dealt with too many people who "change" their mind, or find something to dislike about an item (and mind you "the item" was their vision of what they wanted...), etc. i told her my time was too valuable not to be paid up front.