i'm sad, our Golden Retriever, Kirby, had a seizure today. she's at the vet right now to find out what's going on. she's older, 12, so i am sure that plays into it.
update: kirby is staying overnight for some bloodwork and a chest xray. apparently in a dog her age, a stroke or brain tumor would not be uncommon. she was very upset about being left there. jeff and dillon said it was really hard to leave her. man i hate this stuff. so hard.
another update: her chest xray was good, no masses or anything weird. her blood pressure was high, but that could be due to stress; so they were going to check it later. she's going to be put on phenobarbital to control future seizures. they were still waiting on her blood tests. since we opted not to do a cat scan, we won't know for sure if she has a brain tumor, but there's a high chance she might. if she did it would mean biospies, chemo/radiation/surgery and we don't want to put her through that. we will just have to deal with things as they come. we get to take her home tomorrow. poor Pepper, our westie, has been beside herself. Kirby is mommy to her and she's always attached to Kirby's side.