new computer workstation

my previous area to check and answer emails, update my etsy shoppe, print orders, etc. was on the floor next to my bed. i had put a stool there, my laptop on top and had a cushion that i'd sit on. needless to say, i wasn't too interested in sitting on the floor for too long. so the other day when i was getting this enourmous idea of switching my bedroom to my studio and moving my studio into my bedroom - i started to feel overwhelmed by the prospect. so much stuff to move, so much crap sitting around. it motivated me to do some cleaning, re organzing, getting rid of stuff (i've also decided to have a garage sale - GASP! something i swore i'd never do again). so i was able to create this new workstation. i just love it. it is spacious and roomy. so much better than what i was working with before. there's even a kitty corner (bottom picture) for Lily who likes to hang out in whatever room i'm in at the time. see her lounging in her basket?