pictures from dillon's last improv show

here's some pictures from dillon's last improv show. he's been doing it for about 3 years and his team consists of his friends, Rami, B-trem, Erica and Kyle. this year they finished in 3 rd place and dillon, rami and erika went on to the all star show. (dillon is in the green shirt). i'm really proud of him. he's quite funny and remarkable under pressure. i could never do this.


dillon has a new girlfriend. Abby broke things off suddenly about a month ago. about that same time though, Dillon got a message on his Facebook page from an old friend, Samantha, who he went to pre-K with. she wanted to know if he remembered her. they use to play together all the time and were really good buddies. she lives in Manasquan, about 10 minutes from here. she lives really close to dillon's nana actually. so anyway, they started hanging out together while i was in Wisconsin and really hit it off again. Sam is super sweet and very comfortable around me and jeff. when i saw her for the first time after so long, she gave me a huge hug. then the other night she came over as she and jeff were going to watch dillon at his improv show and she came up to my studio for awhile; wanting to see the jewerly i make, look at my room, noticing all my handpainted walls, picking up things and really looking at them. it was nice.