birthday countdown

about 6 days until i turn #44. yikes! where has the time gone? to celebrate my birthday, i'm having a blog giveaway. all you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me a favorite birthday memory. i'll start with one of mine: there were the token parties when you are little. once my mom had a "hobo" party, which was really fun. she took bandanas and wrapped them on sticks which we carried over our shoulders going to a picnic. i think our food was inside the bandanas. but my favorite party is a surprise party that i planned for myself when i turned 30. we lived in Las Vegas for awhile and the party was held in Ventura, California at my grandmother's house. my mom and sister, Kim, hosted it. i sent her my guest list (i had many friends in Ventura as i use to live there too) and they did the rest. jeff and i rented an RV and drove with Tucker and Dillon. it was really fun. i got great gifts, one being a huge cement garden dog, that i named Bailey. Bailey has travelled every where i've moved and is out front in my garden still. we had a pinata and i wore this really cool vintage dress.
also, wishing my friend, Joanne, a birthday hello as we share the same birthday!