(photo courtesy of Patricia Jo Stark)
nothing too exciting to add here - i've just been busting myself to get ready for this 2 day show, pack for artnsoul and gather supplies (my least favorite thing to do), pack and gather supplies for Art is, which i leave for after flying home from Artnsoul. i am also doing a vendor night at Art is, so am getting my stuff ready for that. Whew! i am beat. i'll post some pics later of some of the things i've been creating. had my 6 month skin cancer screening yesterday. he did a biospy of a spot on my leg which had previously been treated by burning it with that really cold stuff (whatever that is called), so since it didn't go away, it needs to be checked. that's about it.
also, Martha Stewart is having a blog contest -so run on over there and leave her a comment and maybe your blog will get featured on her blog.