Pie Prom

Coco is going to the prom. well not really, but i am. she's just going to wear my dress for me until i need it in October. Immediately upon arriving home from Artnsoul in Portland, i will pick up my car at the airport and drive straight to Connecticut for a 4 day retreat called "Art Is". this is the 2nd year for Art is. Art is is run by two gals, Sallianne and Ellen and it seems like it will be really fun. they started a yahoo group and i am really impressed by how nice all the participants are. it is a close knit group and very friendly. they have a lot of fun events lined up, one being the "Pie Prom". Friday night we will spend some time in the evening after classes making accessories for the prom. i will be wearing my soldered tiara, so maybe i'll make myself a wand. and like the name says, there will be all kinds of pie. i'm hoping my favorite, chocolate pudding pie in a graham cracker crust will be there! I'm taking classes with Pamela Huntington, Cheryl Strait and Janette Schuster. I saw Pam's work for the first time at Artfest last year and then got to meet her at Artnsoul in May. she's very sweet and love her work. She's slated to teach this year at Artfest. I just took a metalsmithing class with Cheryl at Beadfest and Cheryl has a jewelry piece on the cover of September's Belle Amoire Jewelry. this time up i am taking a collage class with Cheryl. Janette just released her first book called, Mixed Media Collage Jewelry. we will be making some found object jewelry items.