weekend in review

here's how i spent the most of Sunday, tipping the pooling rain off my canopy tent, so that it wouldn't collapse.

here's my setup - i was calling it the Kuansin hut as it was rather tacky with its blue tarp sides. i grabbed the tarps last minute from our shed and i am glad i did. like the orange spray painted area? my husband used that tarp to spray paint a bench. the orange was flaking off onto my tables - nice look! i was also calling it the urban hut with its spray paint tagging! the guys who set up across from me lived locally and were kind enough to bring me some extra plastic which came in quite handy. i was so grateful to them.

meet Jane! Jane stopped by the show to say hi. she found my blog through "Art is" and has been reading and getting to know me. she lives close enough to Bloomsbury that she was able to drive down and introduce herself. we enjoyed chatting with each other and i was really happy to meet her acquaintence. she's fun and spunky and seems like someone that i would enjoy hanging around with.

now meet Sadie - isn't she the cutest dog ever? She's a pomerian. we met her on our very first day and looked forward to seeing her out on her frequent strolls. she was always so excited to see me and dillon as she knew she had won our hearts. dillon called her "absolutely adorable". when i grow up i want a pomerian.


this was a vendor there, i thought she was so cute. i stopped by their booth, which was also decorated darling, but when i asked the other fairy there if i could take a picture of her and the booth she said "what for?". when i said, "my blog" she said - NO! (and almost forcefully at that).umm, okay then.

the rest of these pictures are from the B&B where we stayed. it was such a lovely place and i wish that we were able to enjoy it a little more than we did. but after all our hardwork, it was nice to go back their and relax.
Saturday at the show was pretty good. i had some good sales (of course i could all wish for better), but it was a good start. it drizzled in the morning and when i showed up my tent was having some issues from the rain the evening before. it was sagging all on top where the rain was weighing it down. another vendor told me that my particular tent/canopy is notorious for that problem. i met Jane, who drove down to meet me. i thought that was really cool of her to do that. Sunday, however, was awful. it rained all day. just as it would start to clear up and we'd get our hopes up, it would start again. i spent a good part of my morning taking my umbrella and tipping the water that was pooling on top of the canopy. it was really stressful wondering if my stuff would get wet. not to mention, with the rain, there was no body out looking, let alone shopping! finally about 1 o'clock, i decided to pack it in. the rain was coming down even harder. after dillon and i started loading up, the thunder started. then some lady from the show had the nerve to come down and "chatise" me for packing up before 3 o'clock. she said wasn't allowed to have my car on the street until 3:00 and didn't i sign something to that fact? i said, another gentleman came by around 1:00 and said we were closing at 2:00; so get your story straight. i really wasn't sure what she wanted from me. i said, i 'm soaking wet, you got $150 from me for my booth (oh, plus $15 for a jury fee) and it's quarter to 3 - what's the problem here? i was in no mood! dillon and i are home now and i am relaxing.