a few days with my mom, sister and niece in Seal Beach

at the dog beach in Huntington. Paddington (the retriever pup) doesn't seem to be too interested in going in the water. we had a great time there. dogs everywhere - it was like "doggie disneyland". that's me and erika's feet in the water.

this is a really cool store we made a pit stop at. the architectural elements were unbelievable.

saw this cute little yard when i went out for an early morning bike ride.


erika and i went out for a nice walk by ourselves, did a little shopping, got my hair cut, had some lunch. that's erika with her digital camera; just like her auntie.

cool gate at a garden center in town

shadow pic on my bike ride down at the beach

at the pier

a soon-to-be monarch butterfly

shadow pic of Blossom

erika swimming at the hotel pool. too cold for me!

flowers found on our walk
my mom and erika walking the pups

shadow picture of Paddington

more gorgeous flowers

at the garden nursey

kim and erika walking on main in seal beach

my rental car

miss blossom. isn't she the cutest? love that droopy ear! erika and i fought over who got to sleep with blossom each night since blossom is an awesome snuggler.

mom and her newest pup, Paddington