scenes from "Art is" in Connecticut

i took the red eye home from Portland, arriving in NJ around 5:30am. i caught the shuttle home, packed up for Connecticut and hit the road by 12:30. i got really tired on the road, so i pulled over on the parkway and took a 45 minute nap before finishing up the rest of my trip. the ride was quite pretty with the leaves turning beautiful colors of red, orange and yellow. immediately upon arriving i ran into Nellie who also was fresh in from Portland. then i ran into my new friend, Jane, who i met previously a few weeks ago at the last show i did. jane was such a trooper helping me bring in 3 carts of stuff i was selling on vendor night. after checking in, grabbing a drink, i headed to my room for some much needed rest and finishing up some vendor night stuff. my first class the next day was with Pamela Huntington, who i just adore. we made a paper doll with a fabulous paper/signature skirt that i can collage on (when i have the time!)