well, Artnsoul is over. i am sitting at the airport waiting to go home. my flight doesn't leave until 9:30pm and i'll arrive around 5:30am in the morning. i got the outside of my book completed and 2 pages done on the inside from Judy Wilkenfield's 2 day class "just in case". covering the book with the fabric was probably the hardest part, but once you get it done, it didn't seem so hard. i guess we were all afraid to cut our fabric wrong and screw it up. i can't wait to take pictures of it and show it off. it really is quite an accomplishment. she spends absolutely hours working on these books that she receives as commissions. what she does is takes the family photos and creates a book using the pictures and then brings a lot of elements into the book that is symbolic to the family or the individual who commissioned the book. her work is really amazing and i am beyond thrilled that i got to take her class and learn from her. there will be lots more playing in it when i get home. i'm already working out ideas in my head on creating my next book i came over to the airport early because i was really tired and wanted to chill out for awhile, but i can't check my luggage in until 5:30, so that was sort of a big waste. now i am just sitting out front people watching and trying to stay awake. i think the funniest people to watch are kids. their parents are all stressed out and in hurry mode and the children; they just sort of lolliygagging about clueless.