this was me yesterday

(photo by Eun Leanan, see more incredible robin shots here at: )

after running a few errands, I decided to bite the bullet and go the mall and get a few people on my list taken care of. i do like to give handmade gifts, but most of these were kids and i don't realy make handmade stuff for the little ones (unless it is my neice). but i was really sleepy for some reason and had a horrible headache that i just couldn't shake, so it probably wasn't the best day to go shopping. i got extremely irritated at Old Navy (won't be going there again) as the store is so disorganized, crap everywhere, they never have the right sizes and you have to watch them carefully with their sales items and clearance stuff because it is always wrong. which is exactly what happend to me with some of their sales. i'm tired of the hassle of dealing with these places just to save a few bucks. in one store i swear, the clerks were on me like feathers to tar telling me about their sales, what can they help me with, am i looking for anything in particular, etc. etc. . normally i expect friendliess and customer service, but yesterday with my headache, i just wanted to be left alone. is it kind of hard to be friendly when you head is pounding! anyway, that was my day and i still have a bit of a headache , which probably means my neck is tight, which means i should go get an adjustment ( a massage would be nice too!)