cool website

i wanted to share this website on all kinds of wire wrapping techniques. i was really impressed with the steps and all the different projects. i am in the midst of creating some class proposals on jewelry and a lot of them involve wire wrapping. since i was taught those techniques by Amy Hanna, Nina Bagley and Cindy Forrestor, i'm not exactly comfortable teaching wire wrapping as i don't want any misunderstandings that i am teaching something that was taught to me. you know the controversary surrounding this "sticky" subject and i don't want any backlash on it. so i've been researching online wire wrapping techniques that i can give to my students after i show them the basics, which i do not claim to be my own. this way they have some where to learn if they get confused or forget the steps. anyway, the website is from wittyliving. enjoy, there are some great tips there!