Judy Wilkenfield

i got a fun little box the other day from Australia, from Judy Wilkenfield. I'm not sure if she remembers our first meeting at Artfest, when we were in a class together with Nina Bagley (a "Wee Book" or "Gatherings", can't remember exactly), but then we met again at Artnsoul when i took her class where we made that fabulous book. (see my book here) we've since chatted on each others blog and recently i was reading her new blog, Visual Anthologies , about her really interesting post on casting her own dolls in pewter (and some others items as well). the labor intensive process is time consuming with many steps, but look at the results! i left her a comment on how cool they were and she decided to send me one (along with a few other goodies) to play with. (don't mind the wire wrapped around her waist, i was playing with ideas already....) you can purchase them here in her etsy shoppe, if you are so inclined to check them out.

also included in the box was this little doll, called an Ari doll. it was dug up in Germany and is stamped "Ari" on it. Interestingly enough, Judy has a son named Ari, so that is a fun coincidence. as you can see i have been playing with the doll and am working on this little creation for a necklace. i love the combination of these elements together. can't wait to continue on with it. Judy has a few Ari dolls left in her shoppe and i think she said when they are gone, they are gone! (unless she does some casting.......)