Memory Monday

Today's topic was "a childhood memory of snow". A favorite memory of mine from childhood and snow was when we were in Spring Hill, Kansas visiting my father's parents and i think it was Christmas time. I remember waking up in the morning and seeing this snow all over the ground. up until then i don't think we'd seen much snow. and i'm not really sure how old i was. maybe, 6 or 7 ish? but anyway, we looked out in the backyard and "Santa" (our dad) had written our names in the snow. we thought that was so awesome! then of course, we wanted to go out and play in it, but i don't think we really had the right stuff to wear, so my dad took plastic baggies and wrapped them around our feet to make little booties. it was so fun. somewhere i have a pic of my dad wrapping our feet, so i'm going to try and find it and then if i can get my scanner to work, i'll post it!