Pay it forward 2009

This is going around on several blogs, so i decided to sign up for the PIF (pay it forward) that Kathryn of KVCreativeDesigns is having.
here's how it works. 3 people signed up for Kathryn's PIF, me being one of them, and we shall at some point during the year, receive a handmade gift from Kathryn. Now in turn, i 'm posting my PIF here for 3 people that would like a handmade gift from me. However, to play along, you have to be willing to do the same, find 3 people that you will make 3 gifts for. So basically, it's a sharing of talents and giving - that's what we Artist do best. If YOU would like ME to send you something homemade and are willing to make three gifts for three others, be one of the first three to let me know! (leave a comment to this post)PLEASE, only sign up if you are positive that you will be able to follow through!
update: thanks, i have my (3) players:
1)karen of Recycled Rita
2) kim of artdogslife
3) danielle of collective elements