Enchanted April

I have a confession to make. if you ask me where i got the name for my business (Lemoncholy's), i will tell you that i got it from the movie, Enchanted April. in the movie, one of the actress says that she was feeling a little "lemoncholy". i thought that was so cute. but over the years, i started wondering, did she really say that or did i just think she said that. i kept meaning to rewatch the movie to find out. well last night, the movie was on tv, so i set out to discover the truth. i had to wait until the very end of the movie to find out and guess what she said?

she said she was feeling, meloncholy!

so how is it that i thought she said otherwise?did i just remember it wrong? my husband said i remembered it the way i wanted to and thus created my own little name. but regardless, it makes a cute little story.