back to the dentist today

i've noticed lately that my section for "follow this blog" hasn't been loading. anyone know what's up with that? it's been going on for about a week now. wasn't sure if it was just me or if it is another blogger issue. kind of getting on my nerves that it isn't working.......
and speaking of nerves, i had to go back to the dentist today as i am still having major issues with a bottom molar. the major issue being "PAIN" - as in excruciating - whenever i bite down. i've had it looked at twice, x-rayed, etc. and everything looks good on paper..... yet when i bite down - OUCH! So today i went back again. i'm thinking root canal, etc. but according to my dentist, my tooth is "bruised". i have a crown on that tooth and the crown had a high spot, which had been filed down several times, but still wasn't just right. so with this high spot, every time i would bite down, it is the first thing that my mouth makes contact with. now let's also add in the fact that i am a clencher. i clenched my teeth during the day and also at night. they have attributed my frequent headaches to this fact as well. so the crown was filed again and hopefully this time, it will be over with. my dentist told me though, that my tooth needs time to heal, so expect some soreness, but it should get better from this point and not worse................ please, let's hope so. i've been trying to chew on one side for the last few weeks and resorted to eating soft foods and soup this past week. (cross fingers!)