Being a salesperson

We all know by now that i love to create art. but i really dislike the business end of it all. This is where i want an agent (aka my husband) to come in and do the rest of it. a few days ago i answered an ad seeking handmade items for a new store opening up. we made an appointment for today. i showed up with by bin full of goodies and put them on a table for her to see. her mother was there too and the mom looked at my stuff and said "oh, how different". this is the type of comment that i can not stand. what it really means, is "huh, i don't get it". the daughter didn't say much and didn't write anything down as far as my merchandise, etc. she then says to me, "we already have someone doing mixed media work", which i thought was funny because when i originally made the appointment, she had no clue what mixed media was. now here she is throwing the word around like she's an expert..... she then said, i love your mosaics and we don't have anyone doing them.
but i'll have to tell you that the minute the mom made her comment, i was done. it's not so much that maybe they didn't like my stuff, because everyone has their own tastes. it's just that they didn't pick up anything, no examining, no realizing the materials used/recycling involved - no appreciation - and i knew that was not a store for me.
the most important part of today? is the fact that i ventured out and did something i hate doing.
now on another note. i'm sure you noticed i changed my background again. i really like the other one, but a few people mentioned to me that they felt it hard to read some of my posts when the lettering fell over the darkened areas of rust. i think this one if the perfect solution! thanks goes to gail.