class with Lisa Kettel

Today i spent the day in Sumitt, NJ taking a class with Lisa Kettel at the visual arts center. we work with old books and created niches inside working with the theme - "dolls".

Lisa is a wealth of knowledge and can do anything with paper. she had so much to share with us. the day went so quickly. she took a class photo when we were done that i will hijack as soon as she blogs it!

here is lisa showing us how to paint our doll faces


these are a couple of doll examples lisa made

here is one of my finished pages (4 more to go!)


here's a little shout out to my dad who isn't feeling well (he's down with the flu) - hope you are feeling better soon.


Wed. i am leaving for Florida to visit my friend, Pam. she has promised me sunshine,warm weather and fun. to quote Pam, "just bring your weary bones and i'll do the rest". now who wouldn't look forward to that? i am not bringing my laptop (even if it gets revived tomorrow!) - but promise lots of photos upon my return.