i'm going to need that vacation real soon

i've been taking care of tucker since 7:00am yesterday morning. he woke with another cold/virus/low grade fever thingy. lots of coughing (which with him requires suctioning). we mostly just sat in his bed and we watching tv or singing songs . the top pic is him looking sort of miserable, sort of a little better - i can't decide! i went and took a nap for 4 hours and am up again - but am started to feel really tired again. also, the roof in tucker's room is leaking from all the melting snow. jeff hasn't been able to get up there because it is so slippery. so between tucker moaning and groaning last night and the sound of the dripping into the containers, i was a little on the frazzled side this morning! jeff is up on the roof now as it is getting a little easier to walk around. he's shoveling all the snow off to hopefully stop the leaking.
oh, he just came in and told me in slid off the side of the house and grabbed onto the pergola and was able to safely jumped onto the deck from there. anyway, i'm heading Florida March 18th to visit my friend, Pam - and let me tell you i am looking forward to it.
oh, i forgot to mention, that yesterday when tuck and i were sitting in his bed watching the birds outside his window (i have a bird feeder set up there) - all of a sudden a HUGE hawk landed on a rock right near the feeder. i was totally surprised and for a second wasn't filtering what i was seeing. i jumped up to grab my camera (which was close) - but just like that, he was gone.