On Vacation!

I'm in Baco, Florida visiting my friend, Pam. I flew in yesterday (wed.). i spent mon and tues. in bed after a bout of 24 hour horribleness. (i'll spare you the details). i'm feeling better, but still a bit fatiqued and my stomach is still very queasy and wonky. might be on the plain foods/broth diet for a few more days to get this thing settled. it was rough flight with thunderstorms (perfect for the already upset stomach!) and my poor seatmate was terrified. i finally reached for her hand and said, "are you all right? i told her we would be fine and tried to send calming energy to her (that sounds dorky!) but i felt really bad for the terror she was feeling. she began to relax and told me as we were debarking, that just having someone acknowledge her fear made her feel less alone and much better. job well done then!
it rained most of the day yesterday, so pam and i went and got much needed pedicures, which was very relaxing. then we came to her beautiful home and did, what else, but art! i forgot my camera battery, so we will need to go out and find one so that i can take some photos while here.