tea with Lisa Kettell

first of all, before i forget to ask, can you see my blog posts? lately here and there, people have been emailing me that they can't see my posts. i think something is going on with blogger. anyone?

today i started my day off by going to see "Slumdog millionaire" with Dillon. we really liked it. the soundtrack is really good too. we also saw a preview for a new movie with Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Foxx, called "The Soloist" - wow, it looks like a really good movie.
after the movie, i dropped dillon off at his GF's house and then i headed over to my new friend, Geralyn's house where she was hosting a tea with Lisa Kettel. lisa came with her mom and was signing copies of her new book, "Altered art circus". we had lovely desserts and tea and i got to meet some new faces as well as see a few familiar faces. it was a nice time and good to get out.

here's lisa and i

Marlene, who i met several years ago when we did the Ocean Grove Art show, she was my booth neighbor. she is very sweet. i think my camera battery was dying at this point.

here is lisa with our hostess, Geralynn, wearing a crown that lisa made her.

and here's a cute pic of lisa signing one of her books.