bird nerd

I'm sure you've been able to figure out that i am a bit of a bird nerd. i really enjoy photograhing them and wildlife in general. this morning as i was getting tucker ready for school i looked out at the feeding area i have set up right outside the kitchen window and saw a bird i'd never seen in our yard before (actually i've never see one like it at all). so i snapped a pic and just like that he flew off. getting out my bird book if found out that he is a Orchard Oriole. he wasn't in the feeder but on the ground and he was doing this funny little dance. reading in the book it says they eat insects, so my guess is, the dance with his feet was actually a "bug search". it was fun. i love getting to see new birds and even checked them off in my book! (told you , bird nerd!)


now this is a picture of our friendly neighborhood woodpecker. he is very large and frequents our feeder alot. i've just never gotten my camera out in time before he flew off. well, he landed on the feeder moments after the Oriole took off, so i had my camera in hand. he does not like to eat when any other birds are on the feeder. he will actually stop eating and stare at the other bird until the other bird gets intimidated and flies off. then he'll proceed to finish snacking.


this is the little chipmunk who lives under our deck and drives the westies crazy! he loves to come over to the feeder and snack away.