poker chip swap

Lisa Kettell held a "poker chip" swap with the theme of "circus". she altered a couple of poker chips in her new book, so thus the idea for her swap. i was paired with Lisa and another partner. the only rule was to use a poker chip and make two of them. i decided instead of building upon my chip laying flat that i would build it up. i pictured a circus tent. recently at the flea market i scored some really awesome vintage rubber stamps in their original box and they are all circus related. (so cool!) i chose the ringmaster stamp to go under the tent. so what the ringmaster is standing on is the poker chip, which i glued onto a piece of foam.


in other news, it has been rainy, cloudy, foggy, windy and in general - YUCKY! when i dropped dillon off at the show, i was pleasantly surprised by some sunshine. when i came out of the building not 10 minutes later, it was still sunny, but pouring. i said to myself, "there's gonna be a rainbow soon" and sure enough- there it was. what's more special than a rainbow?