Wednesday's musings (4/01/09)

Well i had put it off long enough, so todays goal was to call Dell and deal with getting this laptop back in action. after an hour and half on the phone with him, my laptop is working again! (wahoo, happy dance!) the issue was corrupted software and we only ended up doing a partial system restore which didn't take as long (he originally said it might take us about 3 hours) and i didn't loose any of programs or documents - which was a bonus! he also gave me a couple of great programs to use for free to get rid of malware not detected by my spyware program (and it picked up 12 infections.....) and a great program called "Clean up!" to delete all unecessary temporary files (we ended up removing enough files to fill 10 cd's!). i'll share with you:
malware removal - do this monthly:
and Clean up! - do this weekly:, then in the top right hand corner, click on the Clean up! 4.5.2 download. then in the middle of the page, click on Primary download site CleanUp452.exe and run the program.