what i'm working on

gosh, guess what? it rained all day today. blahhh! i'm so sick of it. it finally got sunny around 7:30 - just in time for it to start getting dark. i'll sure be glad when i shake this black cloud that's been following me around. when i go to San Diego on the 22nd, if it rains there, we are going to have problems! this is a little dollie i am working on. she will eventually be part of a necklace. i bought her at the flea market for . 25cents and she was rather ugly. some gross kind of plastic, yet soft and rubbery. i removed her clothes, arms, lets and then proceeded to remove her hair,but when i was using the heat gun on her, her face starting melting and her eyes collapsed into her skull. yikes! she went from ugly to hideous at that point and almost landed herself in the trash. but i figured i'd wait to see how she looked painted. and i am glad i did, she's rather cute now.