Artnsoul, Hampton, VA 2009

I am back home after a long day of driving. jane and i just made the ferry back to NJ by the skin of our teeth. ferry time was 2:45 and we pulled in and drove onto the ferry at 2:46. we got stuck behind this sunday driver guy who was driving 25 mph. i finally had to do some illegal "jersey" driving to get past him. if i hadn't, i seriously don't think we would have made the ferry. we stopped for some yummy clam chowder in Cape May before driving 2 more hours to my house. we had a wonderful time. we were exhausted after vendor night. got to bed late, up early, didn't sleep well, etc. last night when we were loading up the van after vendor night was over, we were at the back of the coliseum in the loading dock area and all of a sudden we heard a very loud "thud" and a huge rock landed at our feet. for a few seconds, our brains didn't comprehend what we were seeing and then all of a sudden i knew and i turned towards the street behind us and i saw 4 young guys walking by and laughing and i realized they were throwing rocks at us. not little pebbles, but big rocks. we continued to load the van and then another rock hit the top of the van. it landed very close to where we were standing. i saw some employee emptying trash and i shouted, get security now! out comes the guard and i shouted, "call the police, those 4 boys are chucking rocks at us". so the cops came - one car took off after the young men, while the other stayed and talked to us. i was furious. they caught the kids, but since we were out of town, there was little recourse (unless i was willing to drive back to go to court). so i said to the cop, "i just watched Gran Turino and i'm pissed. your lucky i don't get in my van and mow them down". the cop chuckled and said, "just wait til i leave, ma'am". DON'T FRIGGIN TEMPT ME! he did apologize though and said he was sorry our trip was ending on that note. here's some fun pics during the event and vendor nite:

me and my bud, Leighanna Light. i 'm holding a little sculputure of hers that i got for Dillon.


me and another bud, Stephanie Rubanio. Jane and i want to go visit her next spring and all of us hit the Warrentown flea market.

Beverly Gilbert and i. i think my booth at vendor nite was more the kodak photo booth!

my friend, Joanne Thieme-Huffman. she's wearing one of my spoon necklace and she also scored the bird that Jan Harris made for the class i took on creating a paper mache bird on a wand. it's always so fun to see Joanne again. I met her at the very first art retreat i attended in Ohio. fun fact: Joanne and i also share the same birthday!


me and the super sweet, Maria of Collage. she runs the onsite store. the store was AMAZING this year and even bigger than before.


vendor night frenzy!

here's a great picture of a night out for dinner with Jane Wynn, Michael DeMeng, Dan Essig, Susan Lenart Kazmer, my friend,my friend, Jane, Thomas Wynn, me and Stephanie Rubanio. great food, great company!

Three Janes:

my friend, Jane , Jane wynn, Jane Salley


me and the ever so sweet, Dan Essig. one of these days i'll get to take one of his mica book classes.

Leighanna and i at our impromptu picnic in the lobby during happy hour.


probably a few too many of these.