porch party

this is the metal homemade bookcase/cabinet that i picked up yesterday. it looks like its always been here. i thought i'd take some other pictures of my back porch for you to enjoy. there is a hook over the cabinet, so i'll pick up a hanging basket of flowers, which i think will look really nice.

this is a pair of shutters i picked up yesterday for $20.

and here is the potting bench i also got yesterday. the guy who makes them is retiring. he said this is the last one. he and his wife are really cool. they live down south in a town called, "Tuckerton". he is selling off his wood pieces, so me and jeff (jane wants to go too!) are going to go see what he has.

close up on potting bench. i put some of my precious sea balls in the enamel bowl on top there. (it's sunk in). because we get so much rain, we are going to try and find something to cover it with during rain and winter.


the dress form i got yesterday

a paper mache bust also found yesterday. i have some vintage metal flower curtain tie back pin that i will poke into the bust and then hang my necklaces from there.
* a couple of you wanted to know how i got all these items back home: we live quite close to this flea market, so jeff and dillon drove over and picked up one load. then jeff came back later and picked us girls up. then jane and i returned with the truck to get the tin shed. it was light weight and easily slid into the back of jeff's truck.
i just got invited to participate in a porch party. stop by Rose Colored Glasses to see all the participants.