i wish i could say that tucker was feeling better today, but he's not. when i got up this morning, he had a high temperature, which i found alarming. he usually runs a low grade temp when not feeling well. i had to work at the co-op today, so i told jeff, take him to the doc. i don't want to say the "S-word, flu" out loud, but the thought has crossed my mind more than once, being that we live so close to NY and they are having so many outbreaks. and tucker is always getting things from his school. He also has a weakened immune system; so you do the math..... The doc seems to think it is a virus, but put him on a 3 day z-pak (antibotic). i also insisted on the nasal swabs for lab testing (which is how they diagnosis the "s-word flu"). i'd rather be over reacting than feeling regretful later. now i'm going to lay down myself, as unfortunately, now i'm not feeling well either. jeff thinks it's my worry bringing on an illness, but in my defense i was complaining on a scratchy/sore throat on thurs. and fri. (i thought it was allergies as my eyes felt like they had glass in them!) thank you for your kind comments. you know me and how i worry so for tuck - so i appreciate it.