side trip, San Diego

While in San Diego, my friend, Laurel, drove south from Los Angeles to visit with me. We made arrangements to go visit yet another friend, Kathy Lafleur (no blog as of yet!). Kathy gave us a tour of her absolutely beautiful property and studio (next time i want to see the inside!). Kathy lives in the hills of San Diego and her landscaping was stunning. lots and lots of succulents, which are my favorite. unfortunately it is too wet and shady where i live to grow them. she had a wonderful veggie garden where some darling little baby bunnies were zipping about. she also has chickens. they were cool. they like to be petted and would wait patiently for me to stop and pet them. Kathy does mosaic work and works with clay that she fires in her kiln. Kathy has the most fabulous studio. she brings art friends in and has teachers there. i don't care if i have to teach "how to bathe your chicken 101", i want to go there and teach, stay in her guest house and play with the chickens.

a mosaic frog in the garden

a current project she got in the works. this piece is stunning. see the hat/bowl on her head? it is removable and she will make one for each season. the lady will be quite tall and will have a beautiful skirt that will have more of those blue birds on it and also will contain faces like the picture below. i can't wait to see a picture of it finished.

a face that will adorn the skirt for the project above

a walk through her gardens

some visual art in the yard

darling mosaic donkey

a train garden full of succulents

the inside of the chicken coop/pen that Kathy mosaic. isn't it lovely?

here's the 3 of us looking inside the coop. Kathy made molds from the chicken egg for that egg border running along the inside of the coop

the outside of the coop. i love it! it's her redention of a mission walk featuring her chickens!

this is Tina, one of her chickens. so named after Tina Turner and the way she struts about the yard.

chicken coop with succulent garden growing on roof - pretty cool, huh?

more chickens. alas, i don't remember their names!