cadillac beach ride

caddy ride! (just so you know, i'm the one who has always worn hats and then i buy cool ones for jeff to wear!)

LOVE this jetty area. there is an egret i like to photograph who hangs out under the bridge there. he literally just flew off as i approached! bugger!

beach shot -jeff walking behind me. he was brave as the water was cold. there is no way i'd put me toes in there! (yes, i am a wimp with cold water, don't like it at all!)

this is a feature in my new camera that i was trying - panaroma. you take two pictures and then the camera combines them for you. not a great shot, but i was experimenting.

the Least Tern

geeselets and parental units

found this darling little egg on the way home after photographing some Canadian geese babies.
we have an old cadillac. not sure the year - from the 70's i'm sure. it's not "classic" nor has it be redone to restore it's original splendor. it's faded blue and a bit rusted. but it runs and it is sweet. we take it out in the summers and we go to breakfast, the flea market on drives, etc. tucker loves to go for rides in the "caddy". well today after i heard that MORE rain was headed our way, i took a "personal day" (from my studio, lol) and told my husband, we are heading out while it is sunny!
so we hopped in the caddy and headed over to Avon beach where we like to have breakfast at the Av Pav (avon pavilion). it's right on the boardwalk looking at the beach). we had a lovely breakfast, then took a walk on the beach. after our walk we went to check on the "Least Terns", an endangered bird who are back nesting at Fishermen's cove. it was a nice day. i'll post a pic of the caddy later, since after we got home, it started sprinkling and we had to put the tarp over it (oh, yeah, the roof leaks!)