Dependable Don

even though the weather was crappy this morning (dark and overcast), i decided to go to the flea market anyway. there wasn't too many vendors, as expected, but i did, surprisingly, find some cool things. there is this one vendor, Don (and he really does call his business "dependable don". well don is a bit on the cranky/crotchety side. he's always yelling, or in a fowl mood. he's always accusing someone of ripping him off, etc. well, today i saw in the ramp of his trailer a bunch of cookie sheets. i was looking to get some for the soldering classes i am teaching. his "assistant" said they were scrap metal, but that he would ask don. don, said, sure, we could take the cookie sheets. well, jeff found a few more buried under some other stuff, so he grabbed them . but then Don, starts his yelling over at us about, "don't be taking this or that and going thru all my stuff, blah blah blah and how we 'd better be willing to pay". so i "yelled", you said we could have the cookie sheets. he continues on about how that scrap metal is putting his kids thru college, etc. (blah blah blah). so i got a little snarky with him and said, "well, you know, i don't want to be taking from your kids education, so i'll be happy to throw these back in the heap for ya". Oh, no he says, it's fine, etc. then charges me a dollar! i'm still trying to figure out why he was yelling in the first place if he only charged me a dollar! (for 5 cookie sheets and some jello molds). go figure! anyway, that's my colorful flea market story for the week.
here is one of my cool finds today. an old industrial metal storage container. the thing is huge and holds so much stuff. it was $20

each drawer has 3 sections - nice!

i have a few of these oriental dolls, including my original one from a visit to Hong Kong when i was about 11. the couple came together and what's even better, is that the lady came with a wardrobe!


bought these vintage metal game boards. thought i'd do some creative with them.

some little people! i've got some fun ideas for these guys

and then i got this manikin in Ocean Grove a few weeks ago, but bought 2 of these little oriental umbrellas today (hmm, just noticed the Asian theme with my purchases today. interesting!)

tomorrow morning i am going to the Allaire State Park flea market. they have them several times over the summer. haven't been to this one in awhile. the park is really pretty too, so that makes it fun. after the flea market, i am off to get my hair colored. i'm going with something a little more dramatic, as this last color i had done is a bit on the drab/boring side to me. and yes, i'll post pics!