disturbing news today

wow, i just got home from work and jeff told me that tucker's doctor called him today and gave him the news that she finally heard back from the health dept. about tucker's influenza A and they confirmed him as having swine flu. i'm just floored right now. everyone kept poo pooing me that there is no way he could have it, etc. etc. but i KNEW something was not right. Our doctor thinks that possible it was light strain of the virus but also that our quick action (um, me insisting jeff go get him swabbed for the swine flu test) and getting him on the tami flu ASAP helped. i'm perplexed though since he is special needs and healthy adults are dying from this. i'm really freaked out right now. i'm also wondering how come it took so long to get the results and how come the health department never got a hold of us? you mean to tell me that they just got the results? tuck's doctor says she's been calling them for days trying to get answers and finally found out today. kind of a shoddy operation for something that is so serious if you ask me. i will be contacting someone and demanding answers. especially since 3 of tucker's caregivers and 2 children got sick after being with him.
update: my friend, Leslie, just made this comment to me on Facebook. it makes a lot of sense and answers my questions. i'm feeling not so crazy now.
I've read that the CDC is not testing for swine flu in areas where they know the virus is (assuming that it is the flu I guess), and also not unless the case requires hospitalization.I'm sure you've heard that Philadelphia had their first swine flu death yesterday. And a school in Radnor had 70 kids out with flu-like symptoms today.My sister's son had a fever over 105 for five days and other flu-like symptoms (in Omaha) and they never even tested him. I've also heard that there is only one place running the tests; that's why they aren't testing everyone.My personal feeling is that there is lots of the stuff out there. Stuff that will never be diagnosed as such, but it's to calm the panic that they are no longer testing everyone.

thank you everyone for your nice comments, thoughts and prayers for tucker. tucker was sick about 3 weeks ago, but is fully recovered from this and we are so thankful.