latest work

here's my booth at a store where i am selling, in Pt. Pleasant, NJ. The store is called, Sea and Green.

new work:

this one will be added to my website

this one will be going on my website
. the doll is made of PMC (precious metal clay) and it is a piece i made last summer at Valley Ridge in Wisconsin while taking a Nina Bagley class. the piece above her head is a sterling Victorian perfume funnel.

this one is at the shoppe in pt. pleasant. it features a tiny vintage metal calendar.

this one is going on my website

this one is at the shoppe in pt. pleasant


this one i made for me!

Monday i made 2 other steam punk metalicious necklaces and took them to the shoppe on tues. they sold while i was working that day. i didn't even have a chance to take a picture of them! i was wearing the one above and i think it really helped show them how cool they look!