musings for sat. june 6, 2009

dillon is out to dinner with friends, so jeff and i bbq'd some steaks and ate out by the camper (we listened to tucker on the monitor). dinner was yummy with steak, corn on the cob and mac-n-cheese. the two westies just love corn, so they got some leftovers.

pepper likes her corn

i don't think kirby prefers corn. she'd rather have steak.

gracie is also lovin her corn

now here's a funny story for you. recently we've been finding some food items in tuckers bed and what we call his "shakey table". (it's a motion table that moves back and forth). we've found a black and white cookie, a bagel, candy wrappers and a girl scout cookie. we had our suspicions of who was involved, but tonight i busted the culprit in action! it's Gracie! i saw her head into tucker's room with a piece of corn on the cob, so i followed her with my camera. i saw her jump onto tuck's shakey table and start rootin around the blanket. then i watched her give tucker a kiss and jump down and return to the kitchen.

here's what i found under tucker's blanket. i think she was kissing him for keeping quiet on the situation!
update: sunday morning. jeff and i are at the flea market and my friend, Michele calls me. she is watching tucker for the day. so she says to me, "what's going on with the cookies and brownies in tucker's bed"? it seems our little Gracie was at it again. dillon had friends spend the night last night and they had snacks down stairs. so guess she helped herself and brought them to tuck! michele said she found a brownie underneath the covers on his bed and a smashed cookie under the blanket on his shakey table! she's a piece of work that one.