roller derby mania!

So last night Jane and i went to see the Jersey Shore Roller Girls at the Asbury Park Convention Center. when we left the house, it was not raining. however, by the time we got to the restaurant it was coming down. we didn't have any umbrellas, but Jane had a couple of USPS priority mail boxes in her car, so we used those to cover our heads. We had a nice dinner at Langcosta Lounge. by the time we finished dinner, it was POURING buckets. water was everywhere. we were soaked by the time we got to the convention center. wet jeans, soggy heels, gross! (but our hair was dry thanks to the postal service)

trying to find a parking spot


me and jane running for cover! (notice the priority mail box/umbrella)


entering the convention center - the floor was soaked and slippery!


the convention center is right on the beach in Asbury Park, so here is a view from upstairs.

"Greetings from Asbury Park" - this was Bruce Springsteen's famous ablum


the girls are warming up. We decided to support "Anchors Assassins"

feeling a little soggy & cold here!

we were surprised by an appearance of the "internationally-known dog catcher silver string submarine all-star competition bagpipe band" (that's some title, huh?) but they were really cool.

pictures from throughout the evening of the competiton. although they played their best, "Anchors Assassins" lost to the undefeated "Right Coast Rollers" thanks to their secret weapon, #666, Chelle B Evil - who was an incredible skater. that girl was fast, coordinated and lithe!

random photo of the Wonder Bar, but the face up top is of "Tillie" a vintage icon from the yester year of Asbury Park

ahh, see a Little People did go to the derby, but was kind of shy. he got his pep up later for some coffee and red velvet cupcake .