soldering class here, sun. June 28th

I'm holding my second soldering class here this sunday. i moved a couch out of this room (referred to as "the fireplace room") and moved in some tables. i enjoy teaching, so it's a lot of fun. there will be another one on thurs. july 9th.

things in their kit

the classroom setting

a project i came up with. i thought i'd hang it in my studio. made one for a friend too as she has a special day coming up soon.

more soldering examples

me working on a necklace for dill's girlfriend. her birthday is on sunday. (don't notice the bad example i am setting by soldering barefoot!)


a rare opportunity to have someone else take my picture!


If you are interested in attending a workshop with me, just email me at: i've got a jewelry class planned for the end of the summer on deconstructing vintage items and re-imagining them into something new. i will also travel to your event, home party, etc. also inquiries welcomed.
Adrienne's b-day gift

pocket snippet to hold her necklace