4th of July ornament swap

these are the ornaments from the 4th of july ornament swap. they are all so fun and unique.

festive packaging from Allegra
wire ornament by Joanne Thieme-Huffman
floral ornament by Zhulia Abrok

vintage child star ornament by Lonnie Jenck

beaded card ornament by Danielle Greene

vintage card ornament by Allegra

crepe paper ornament by Pam Huntington

star ornaments by Lori Guerin

paper ornament by Keli Hansen

"Cape May bathing beauty" by Jane Blanco

star ornament by Melissa Merrill
Patriot ribbon ornament by Vivian Neroni

this was my ornament. i made copies of a dolly doodle image and then made a fabric snippet from them. i wrapped them in vintage quilting and made the little tags from another image in my dolly doodle book.