doing better

hey all - thanks for all your well wishes! my finger is feeling much better today. not much swelling or bruising. just sore around the joint. i think my arm hurts more -where i got the tetanus shot!

today i went to the Handmade Faire and spent the day with friends who were selling. i brought a chair and ended up sitting with new blog bff, jill harris, of gypsy flea market. we tossed some business ideas around, which hopefully, when they pan out, i'll share with you later! i'm also hoping that she'll be able to tag along with me for the country living fair. i got a couple of cool things (i'll take pics tomorrow, too late and dark now). now i am off to lay down, cuz i am tired!

you can view pictures from the "Handmade faire" here at fleamarket junkture.

in other news, i'll be offering another soldering class on thurs. aug. 20th from 11:00-2:30/3:00. class has to be prepaid to save your seat. email me at for details if interested.